15 April 2007

Elliptical Schwinn Trainers

The best elliptical trainers from Schwinn for a good over all cardio workout.

The 438 elliptical features 21 different workout programs for variety. The telemetric and grip heart-rate monitors make monitoring your progress a breeze. Your comfort comes first with the build-in 3-speed adjustable fan, water bottle holder and magazine rack.

Product Info
21 programs provide a workout variety
Telemetric and grip heart-rate make monitoring your progress a breeze
4 User Settings let everyone keep track of their previous workout
Quiet, magnetic ECB (Eddy Current Brakes) give you 8 levels of resistance
Handlebars have 3 positions so everyone can find their comfort zone


Anonymous said...

The Schwinn 438 Elliptical Trainer is Schwinn's current flagship elliptical trainer.

Compared to the 418's 12 workout programs, the 438 offers up to 21 different workout programs for variety.

The performance is stellar though the assembly may be a nightmare for some.

Overall, it is definitely a good buy for the serious user.

Once again thank you for sharing info on this superb product!

Anonymous said...

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