06 June 2007

Elliptical ProForm Trainer Strideselect 825

ProForm Strideselect 825

Enjoy a great low impact workout that builds long, lean muscle and burns excess calories with the ProForm StrideSelect 825 elliptical trainer. The StrideSelect 825 has a two-position adjustable stride, which allows your muscles to work differently so you can build extra definition and find the right fit for you, and six built-in workouts. Plus, the transport wheels make it easy to move from one place to another in your home.

The smooth, frictionless SMR Silent Magnetic Resistance system allows you to adjust your workout intensity without interrupting your workout. Choose from multiple intensity levels to target specific workout and conditioning goals. The L.E.D. Pacing Coach function lets you know when it's time to work a little harder or slow down so you can get the most out of every workout. Get an accurate pulse reading with the convenient heart rate sensors built into the handlebars--simply grip them for a reading of your heart rate. The built-in, two-speed CoolAire Workout fan creates air currents from 4 to 6 miles per hour, the ideal range for body cooling, so you'll stay comfortable and cool throughout your workout. The StrideSelect 825 has a footprint of 24 by 65 inches and it's 51 inches tall.