31 May 2007

Start up your exercise!

As a first time exerciser or a beginner , its always good to start in slow and steady before getting into a intense regime. , don't aim too high, too fast or you'll do some damage to yourself.

If you aren't in shape and don't normally walk or cycle several kilometres to work, it's no wonder the old bones are a little weary said Mansfield Club athletic therapist and osteopath Faisal Naqvi.

"The average, middle-aged, Joe-Schmoe can walk 10 minutes before he starts feeling adverse effects" Naqvi said

"It's the same riding a bike, 10 minutes, although you will get further in distance. Both are sustained cardiovascular exercises that lead to shortness of breath, sweating and get your heart racing."

For those not used to walking more than 30 metres steps from their front door to the bus stop, walking several kilometres to work can result in cramping of the hamstrings and foot muscles, he said.

"Anything past your regular activity level, you'll feel the impact."

So START UP and give yourself a good reason to exercise , that will build up your strength and stamina for sure with a dozen other benefits. But remember , not to strain your body too much .


Unknown said...

I definitely agree with you first starting exercise should be always start in slow and steady.I glad to read your great article.I think Many of the people want to know on this.So ,I think this will help them a lot.